Stick It To The Tories Sticker Campaign

Calling all local People’s Assembly groups and activists!

Our friends over in West Wales PA’s have come up with this fantastic sticker idea they are calling #StickItToTheTories !

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Why The Housing Bill Matters


National Demonstration For Homes - Against the Housing Bill 

Sunday 13 March 2016

Thousands of people are set to march on Parliament to oppose the Tories Housing and Planning Bill and demand: Kill the Housing Bill, Secure Homes For All, Rent Controls, and Homes For People Not For Profit.

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Invitation to David Cameron's Mum and Auntie: Join us to protest against Austerity!

Invite.jpgAnti-austerity campaign, the People's Assembly, has formally invited David Cameron's mother and his Aunt to join a major national demonstration against austerity taking place this April. 


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NHS Reinstatement Bill Day of Action

On Friday 11 March, the National Health Service Bill 2015-16 will have its second reading in Parliament, tabled by Green MP, Caroline Lucas. It currently has the support of 76 MPs including Lucas, Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell. We need your support to get more MPs to be present. Please support the Day of Action that day.


The Health & Social Care Act 2012 (HSCA) was implemented by the Coalition Government in April 2013 and it has thrown England’s NHS into a destructive, dangerous, disorganisation. It has ended the right to healthcare for all who need it (universal access) and there is no longer the right to a full range of health services (comprehensive healthcare). The principle of healthcare to all, free at the point of use, has been shattered by the legal changes of the HSCA including enforced tendering and private contracts, the vanguard projects of Hunt and Stevens (‘Five Year Forward View’) and now Osborne’s devolution pilots. We must win back our NHS; stabilise and secure its future; and reorganise it back to health from condition critical.

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BMA Announce New Strike Dates. People's Assembly mobilise in support.


  • 8am on Wednesday 9 March to 8am on Friday 11 March
  • 8am on Wednesday 6 April to 8am on Friday 8 April
  • 8am on Tuesday 26 April to 8am on Thursday 28 April 


The BMA is set to launch a judicial review into the Government’s decision to impose a new contract on junior doctors in England, claiming it failed to follow due process. It has also announced new dates for industrial action.

The judicial review is being sought because of the apparent failure of health secretary Jeremy Hunt to undertake an EIA (equality impact assessment) prior to its decision to force new terms and conditions on junior doctors in August. 

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As parliament heads towards vote on Trident, it's time to say No!



CND's Kate Hudson makes the case for investing in society not in Weapons of Mass Destruction. 

Why does the government say there is no money for jobs, health, education, social services – but there is always money for nuclear weapons and war?

We know how expensive the wars and interventions of this century have been – over £40 billion to the British taxpayer.

Now the government plans to spend as much as £183 billion on replacing Britain’s nuclear weapons system Trident. This figure is based on £41 billion on building the four submarines that carry the system, (the MoD’s own figure) plus the lifetime cost calculated by Crispin Blunt MP (chair of the Foreign Affairs select committee) on the government’s own formula: 6% of the defence budget which is based on a NATO commitment of 2% of GDP, with GDP growing at a rate of 2.48%, the historic growth rate between 1956-2015 = £142 billion. So that’s £183 billion based on government figures – not a wild figure made up by CND!

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Nurse Anthony Johnson on why supporting the Jnr Docs is about defending the whole NHS

Student Nurse and Bursary or Bust campaigner Anthony Johnson writes why supporting the Junior Doctors is about supporting all NHS staff and Students and defending the existence of the NHS as a whole.


Tonight’s Meeting hosted by the People’s Assembly, ‘Not Without a Fight, Save Our NHS’ at Conway Hall at 6:30 in central London, matters because our entire NHS is under threat.

The Junior Doctors are under attack and they are OUR Doctors. They may very well be your Doctor right now. And the situation is getting worse in other areas of the service too. Our healthcare students can't afford to train, and we’re all worse off without them. 

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