DISPOSSESSION:The Great Social Housing Swindle

Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle is a forthcoming feature length documentary that will explore the failures and deception behind the social housing crisis in Britain.

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Climate Change: A Year of Going Backwards

On 8th May, the current government will have held office for one year exactly.

A lot has happened in that time and many battles have been fought. However, one of the most alarming developments is often overlooked by the public at large.

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March for Health Homes Jobs and Education Report

The Anti-Austerity Movement is on the streets, it's growing in strength and will keep coming back until this government is gone.

On Saturday 16 April at least 150,000 people descended on the capital to make our key demands of this Tory government.  As Sam Fairbairn the National Secretary of the People’s Assembly said, ‘When we organised this demonstration we had no idea how spectacularly the government would fail on all 4 of our key demands…

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Create crisis for the Tories: 5 Reasons to demonstrate on 16 April

5_reasons_to_demonstrate.jpgThere's been big public outcry since George Osborne announced his budget earlier this week. The Tories are increasingly weak, divided and loosing public support. People's Assembly National Secretary, Sam Fairbairn, explains why the national demonstration on Saturday 16 April is a crucial moment to stop austerity in it's tracks. 

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The People's Assembly are set to mobilise tens of thousands for a major demonstration in London following George Osborne's Budget for the rich, as his plans included cuts to support for disabled people while giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy.

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Osborne’s austerity is a serial failure

Economist Michael Burke writes exclusively for the People's Assembly Against Austerity.

George Osborne is once again set to impose austerity, cutting jobs, pensions, public services and social welfare. The pretence is that this is supposed to reduce the public sector deficit. But the last time he did this the economy slowed to a crawl and in 2012 the deficit actually rose. 

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