Autumn Statement: Is austerity over?

In a year of political surprises, what are the chances that this Tory government will surprise us by abandoning austerity? Unfortunately, they are vanishingly small. 

Writes economist Michael Burke

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Pay restraint crippling NHS staff

bob.jpgShocking statistics and accounts of NHS workers being pushed into hardship are increasing.

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Rent strike victory

rent_strike.jpgProblem with housing are rife in this country

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Concentrix Victory

hmrc.jpgError and Fraud contract work to be fully returned to HMRC Concentrix staff to be offered transfer into department with the work Belfast jobs saved.

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Calais: Europes Shame

calais-evacuation-lg.jpgThe closure of the Calais camp is an act of barbarity, but solidarity with refugees remains strong, argues Shabbir Lakha.

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Anguish and austerity: the personal cost of cuts

There are so many individual experiences that might give rise to political awareness or finally nudge someone into political activity- for many of my generation it might have been involvement in the anti-war movement prior to the Iraq war, or for junior doctors the unprecedented attacks on the NHS and our working conditions. 

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Why we need the People's Assembly

Jeremy Corbyn might have been re-elected as Labour leader, but he’ll still need a big movement behind him if we’re to bring about change.

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