Protest against water charges in the Republic of Ireland

Ramona McCartney reports…

Today the people of Ireland take to the streets in protest against a Government that has no interest in its people or its country.  The Irish government has tried to introduce a double tax on water supply to every household in Ireland. 

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Help Make Anti-War Song Xmas #1.

All together now, but not with Osborne. #FootballRemembers the 1914 Christmas Truce next week in an attempt to promote welfare not warfare.

By Kadeem Simmonds, Sports Editor at the Morning Star


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Osborne’s lollipops can’t sooth our growing mental health crisis

The general agreement in the press appears to be that George Osborne’s £2bn promise of funding for the NHS constituted some form of electoral sweetener or ‘Lollipop’ for voters gearing their minds toward a general election. Sadly however, this comes following four and a half years of brutal cuts to our health services and in particular to our mental health services.

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Unimpressed with Osbourne's previous Autumn Statements? Get ready to be let down again.

Yoshee Hummel is not impressed with George Osbourne's Autumn Statement and judging by last year’s it’s safe to say that rather than it being the prize, it’s more ‘here’s what you could have won’.

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Know the truth, unify and fight!

How many times have you heard David Cameron’s PMQs rebuff ‘it was the fault of the previous Labour government’? How many times has Ed Miliband pointed out that this Tory government has borrowed more in 4 years (over £430bn) than Labour did in 13 (£429bn)? Zero. The mind boggles. Week after week we hear the Tory rhetoric and week after week more people are starting to believe it’s true.

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People's Assembly hits Downing St ahead of autumn statement

Campaigners from the People's Assembly Against Austerity have staged a protest at Downing St tonight ahead of Osborne's autumn statement calling on the government to reverse austerity. (for images see notes below)

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