Tony Benn: Letter to the Guardian

Letter to the Guardian published 16 March 2014

Your main coverage of the death of Tony Benn (Obituary, 15 March; Michael White, 15 March) was ungenerous, and did little justice to the man who was one of the most loved political figures in Britain today.

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We're Not Just Here to Resist - The People's Assembly Can Win

"We will today commit ourselves to fight back in unity and solidarity in the movement as a whole, with the organised working class in the trade unions at the heart and head of our movement and demanding the right of workers to organise freely in those unions, opposing all current and further attempts to undermine our right to resist."

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Creating a movement the government is afraid of | People's Assembly conference 2014

The government is weak and increasingly unpopular. Ahead of the People's Assembly conference this Saturday, Sam Fairbairn looks at how we create a movement powerful enough turn the tide on austerity.

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Women's Assembly Gears Up For Austerity Fightback

Activists meet to discuss 'disproportionate' effects of Tory cuts on women

by Joana Ramiro

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Arrested for protesting austerity - A report from Norfolk PA's David Peel

This struggle is bigger than all of us. The point is to be in it, not watching it. Action is the life of all. If my experience brings just one person into that struggle, for whatever reason, then that experience has not been lost.

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Report and video from Hands off our Unions launch rally

Report and Video from the Hands off our Unions launch rally in London on 11 February 2014.

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