LIAR LIAR: You Can't Trust Her

Theresa May: She's a Liar Liar! You can't trust her... 

Captain SKA's track 'Liar Liar' has been remastered to target Theresa May and the Conservative Party for the General Election. Help us get the track into the charts! 

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NHS cyber attack: Patients at risk from Tory cuts

The cyber attack on the NHS has really serious consequences. It is the Tories who are to blame for the chaos that has followed.

By Tom O'Leary

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Millions of poor UK households face massive cuts to their incomes under Tory benefit cuts, warn researchers

Millions of poorer families face massive cuts to their incomes under Conservative benefit cuts in the pipeline, independent researchers warn.

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Theresa May's announcement that the government will seek to hold a general election on 8 June is a turning point for us all. 

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RCN Ballot over pay

A historic decision was made by the Royal College of Nursing last week to have an indicative ballot of their members for industrial 
action over pay. 
Writes Nurse Danielle Tiplady
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The Lions of Durham: Teaching Assistants Roar

IT WOULD be a mistake to think that the revaluation of business rates, from which Chancellor Philip Hammond is to receive a payout, had been designed to benefit him personally. 


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TAX AND BENEFITS. Make no mistake, these are not necessary cuts.


The government hides behind the fallacy that these are necessary cuts, forced by the state of public finances. But make no mistake: they are a choice.

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