Trump Visit Statement

The invitation to Donald Trump by Theresa May to make a State Visit to the UK is an endorsement of the vicious anti working class, racist, sexist, war mongering policies of the new American President.

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NHS: a manufactured crisis

We must mobilise against the biggest threat to our healthcare service in history, writes Nurse Danielle Tiplady.

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The post-Brexit debate has already begun, it's just the media doesn't report it

The EU referendum has created a huge political crisis, not least because the Tories have absolutely no idea how to resolve the mess they created.

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I'm a junior doctor in the NHS, and I'm terrified for this winter

By Junior Doctor Aislinn Macklin.

The deaths in Worcestershire are tragically no surprise. Decades of reshuffling, top-down disorganisation, and now private sector demands have hammered the NHS, and it can barely cope any more

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The left must unite to take control of Brexit debate

John Rees on why post-Brexit politics can't be left to the Tories 

David Cameron's decision to hold the EU referendum ranks as one of the most politically irresponsible decisions of any British government since the Second World War.

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Why ASLEF is striking on Southern Rail

ASLEF represents nearly all the train drivers in the UK, across every company. Our members are professionals who safely and securely transport millions of members of the British public from A to B each day...

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Empty Shoe Memorial


On 3rd of November we read that over two hundred people had drowned over night in the Mediterranean. These were refugees fleeing wars and persecution to reach safety.


Sadly, these latest drowning victims brought the total to 4,220 in 2016 so far,  making 2016 the deadliest year on record.

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