Defending our NHS, investing in our health

The final leg of the 999 March for the NHS reaches London on Saturday September 6 and all supporters of the People’s Assembly who can make it are urged to attend. The march has been a great initiative, retracing the steps of the Jarrow marchers of the 1930s as people throughout Britain expressed their determination to defend the NHS.

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Join the London Climate march - 21 September

The climate challenge is often side-lined, by some of the more immediate and practical problems facing the anti-austerity movement. It remains that Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere has increased from around 280ppm (parts per million) in the last two hundred years to a record 400ppm, concentrations not seen on earth for about 3 million years. We cannot ignore  UN secretary general, Ban Ki Moon, when he says that climate change is the “greatest collective challenge facing humankind today”

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Victory for the student movement: student loan sell-off stopped!

 Student Assembly Against Austerity reports on the victory of the #StopTheSellOff campaign.student2.jpg

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New Universitites Minister: What does it mean for the Student Movement?

Student Protest

Shelley Asquith takes a closer look at the new Minister for Universities, Greg Clark and explains where his allegiances lie.

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Gove Has Gone - Keep Up the Fight!

BsC0VZuCUAAB04w.jpgAlex Kenny, NUT Executive Member, writes on the ousting of Gove, the importance of the NUT's 'social movement trade unionism', and how the struggle for education must now grow in strength as  Gove's and the Con-Dem government's education policies remain intact.

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Strike 10 July 2014 - Rallies & actions

10502446_724967450904481_4041669080883799496_n.jpgTomorrow, 10 July 2014, up to two million public sector workers will be joining together in coordinated strike action, including member of the trade unions NUT, PCS, FBU, Unite the Union, Unison and NIPSA.

- Francesca Martinez - 
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Stand Up Against Austerity by Marienna Pope-Weidemann


"Across Britain, communities are finding ways not only to survive in an increasingly hostile system, but to fight for a better future. Something's changed in Westminster, too. The wolves have shed their sheep's clothing" writes Marienna Pope-Weidemann in the Huffington Post

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