Boris Johnson will be in Manchester on Sunday… Be there to meet him!

The Prime Minister has been forced to reschedule his speech to Tory party conference to this Sunday.

 Boris Johnson‘s address to the massed ranks of the Tories will take place at exactly the same time as tens of thousands of protesters surround the conference hall.


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The Fight Is On

The fight is on. And it’s on the streets. With Parliament banned from sitting by the Prime Minister there’s only one way we can challenge the Tories propaganda blitz in the run-up to a general election. And that’s by getting on the streets.

The very best place to do that is outside the Tory party’s annual conference in Manchester on the 29th September. 



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Stop the Suicide Crisis

Lost amid the Westminster high drama this week was a stark reminder of the human consequences of austerity, with news that 2018 saw the highest rate of recorded suicides in almost 20 years. According to the report by the Office of National Statistics 6,507 suicides were registered in 2018, an increase of 11.8% on 2017 figures alone and the highest since 2002.
Suicide is extremely complex and multifactorial with rarely a single cause. However this recent and extremely abrupt reversal of a trend, which had seen suicide mortality rates from the late 1970s declining, needs urgent examination within the context of the assault on NHS mental health services as well as the chaos and instability that Tory austerity has unleashed on the lives of working people. Dr. Mona Ahmed writes for The People's Assembly
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Let's Make West Wales a Tory Free Zone

Anti Boris Johnson demo prepares the ground to make West Wales a ‘Tory Free Zone’, with an unprecedented arsenal of activism.

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Photo: Jim Scott – Convener, Pembrokeshire People’s Assembly
credit- The Pembrokeshire Herald

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Build the maximum pressure for a general election

maxresdefault.jpgThe British people certainly do not need either Johnson or Hunt – they need a chance to go to the polls and reject austerity, says Bill Greenshields of the People’s Assembly

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The Nasty Party....

The nasty party is about to get a whole lot nastier, If the Tory leadership election is anything to go by.

The parade of the disgraced, unhinged, and unelectable will drag on until the middle of next month when the victor will emerge to become the newly crowned King of the Hammer House of Horror...and our prime minister.


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US economy is slowing and Trump will try to make everyone else pay

There are clear signs of slowdown in the US economy – despite the enormous Trump tax cuts that were supposed to add rocket fuel to the economy.
Michael Burke Writes for The People's Assembly


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