Report: public ownership of the railways April fools day protests

Waterloo-all.jpgOn 31 March and 1 April 2015 supporters of nationalisation of the railways organised leafleting and protests at 100 train stations across the country

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A War on Words: Why we need to keep Creative Writing A Level alive

Katherine Clements, critically acclaimed author of The Crimson Ribbon, argues to save creative writing to continue giving students confidence to express themselves. 

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Protestors present tax demand to Virgin Care

Protesters from The Peoples NHS dressed as tax collectors and doctors, accompanied by a giant piggy bank, have presented a giant tax demand to Virgin Care, following the revelation that the firm continues to bid for NHS contracts despite extensive use of tax havens. Protesters were opposing Virgin’s use of tax havens and tax avoidance mechanisms and the sell-off of the NHS.

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Sweets Way calls for support against evictions

Barnet Housing Action Group are a group campaigning around housing issues in The Borough of Barnet, North London. We have been working with the Our West Hendon campaign for the past year and have recently joined the Focus E15 Mums in occupying a house on the Sweets Way Estate in the North of the borough in protest against the evictions which have taken place there by Annington Homes Ltd, the owners of the houses and land.

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The NUT is supporting The People's Manifesto

NUT is distributing copies of The People's Manifesto to each of its Annual Conference this Easter!

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Budget 2015: Austerity policies a disaster for majority

In response to Osborne's budget last week, with a letter published in the Guardian, Trade Unions, MPs, campaigns & economists, have called for the biggest mobilisation possible against austerity at the People's Assembly national demonstration on Saturday 20 June

The letter reads...

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Kirkcaldy Protesters Push for an End to Benefit Sanctions

Fifers called for an end to benefit sanctions during a national day of action, claiming people were losing their income for being minutes late for appointments.

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