20 June - A day for everyone against austerity

11258210_888000011267890_867262245745551635_n.jpgWe are really excited and looking forward to this Demo. It will be an almighty show of strength. Everyone is welcome and this Demo, as always, will be family friendly, despite what you may read in the Daily Mail.

Don't let the right wing media get their way. They want to put you off coming on this Demo by means of scaremongering, don't let them trample on your democratic right to have your voice heard and to protest!

Last year we saw 50,000 people from every section of society, young and old to march from the BBC headquarters to Parliament Square for a free festival.

If this is your first Demo please feel free to call the office and have a chat with one of us.

Details for anyone with access needs will be announced soon.

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