1 in 5 children in Milton Keynes lives in poverty

But there's plenty of money - and the UK's wealthiest are getting richer every year.

The government used billions of YOUR money to bail out failed banks and the bankers continue to get huge bonuses. The government also allowed the same banks to help their friends, the super-rich 1%, to avoid and evade billions in tax.

The government now wants to dismantle the NHS, replacing it with profit-driven companies. At the same time they tell us that there is not enough money for essential services.

So while families in Milton Keynes struggle to feed their children and the local council pushes through cuts to vital support services for the elderly, the unwell and the homeless, the rich just keep on getting richer.

They won't change anything unless we make them listen. What can you do? Stand together with us to demand INVESTMENT NOT CUTS!

Milton Keynes Against The Cuts (MKATC) brings together individuals, groups and campaigns to OPPOSE ALL CUTS and DEFEND ALL SERVICES. We are not linked to a political party or religion and we would welcome representatives from all communities and groups across Milton Keynes.

Email: no2cutsmk@gmail.com - mkpeoplesassembly@gmail.com

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